Surfing in the Hebrides

‘Positioning’ is everything when setting up to catch a wave and the Isle of Lewis is superbly positioned to attract some of the most consistent swells you will experience. The Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides is the northernmost of all the Western Isles, making it a magnet for big swells from the west, north and south. For the surfing enthusiast, there is only one thing better than watching a perfect left and right reef break of two to four meters while squeezing into a wet suit — and that’s riding them!

The Doune Braes Hotel is also ‘perfectly positioned’ on the north west side of the island and is a prime spot from which to take day trips to some of the best reef breaks and beaches the island has to offer. The hotel offers a quiet, idyllic place to return to after a memorable day of surfing. The Doune Braes Hotel can provide covered storage for all of your surfing gear, including outside facilities to rinse off the saltwater and hanging lines to dry your things for the following day.

When the tide is right and the surf is big, the last thing you want to do is leave and find something to eat. Our staff is happy to prepare any snacks, drinks and lunches in whatever quantities you wish, so please ask in advance so we may accommodate your needs.

The Isle of Lewis will be one of the biggest and best surprises of your surfing experiences and a “must” to put on your list of places to explore. To help you stay current with the surfing conditions on the island, go to

As any surfer knows, “quality” is as important as “quantity” when choosing where to go for the next surfing holiday. BBC Sports Online surf writer Simon Alexander reviewed the Hebridean Surfing Festival which took place on Lewis in 2001:

“American Tom Curren, known as the man who rides mountains, is on top of the world after winning the northern hemisphere’s most futuristic surfing contest in gigantic waves off Scotland’s rugged north-west coast.”

Lewis is “where it happens” for outstanding surf, so plan your next trip to the Doune Braes Hotel and enjoy the beauty and quality of everything our location and hotel has to offer — check it out!